-All datas collected during Summer 2008-
Product Type Licence Source Status
Abbot framework (AWT/SWT) open source Sourceforge alpha for SWT (but seems pretty stable)
Costello recorder (AWT) open source Sourceforge not ready for SWT
GUI Dancer recorder commercial Bredex GmbH new version in july 2008
JDemo framework open source Sourceforge 2008
Mercury WinRunner recorder commercial Mercury End of support (feb 2008)
QF-Test recorder (XML/Jython) commercial Quality First Software GmbH - Kapitec (FR) 2008
Rational Functional Tester recorder commercial IBM
SWTBot framework (SWT) open source ThoughtWorks not fully SWT compatible but ThoughtWorks can be considered as trustable.
TPTP Automated GUI Recorder (AGR) recorder (XML/Java) open source Eclipse.org maintained ? but "as-is" component
WindowTester hybrid (java) commercial / free for opensource commiters Instanciations high quality product
This matrix is based on this article from the WindowTester architects ; this product list is enforced with the following post comments where people chat about their uses.
Feel free to visit the del.ico.us links where I store framework's related ressources on the fly. I am working on this subject until a satisfying product can be identified, so I will add some new links soon (screencasts and tutorials are the forthcomming waited material). I am glad that the Eclipse community is doing a substantial effort in 2008. For exemple, there was less submissions on this subject for EclipseCon2007 last year.