Everybody wants a BuildBunny

I rediscover yesterday Larinou, my electronic wifi buddy bunny, a brilliant representative of its Nabaztag species.
I decided to create an Hudson plugin to let my bunny alert me of my builds. I have already seen equivalent plugin for Teamcity for exemple. The Hudson plugin architecture is elegant, maven facilitates rapid immersion in the source code, provides an out-of-the-box debugging environment with Jetty and the "HelloWorld" template is brilliant to start. It was pretty pleased to implement.

A quick overview of the plugin

You will see the Nabaztag Notifier as a post build notifier:
You should then set the serial number of your bunny buddy and the associated token (not as a password in this preliminary version of the plugin).

The Hudson system configuration offers a new section related to the plugin:
This place you can configure the main API URL (in case it changes from the settings I use in France and you can set a custom voice for your bunny.

The result is that your bunny now alerts you about any build result. The position of the ears vary in respect with the buidl result. The rabbit will seam sad if a build is broken... Even if the API provides the way to light the rabbit with Hudson "build colors" (red/yellow/blue), my rabbit nevers turns on. By the way, the plugin is implemented in case Violet decide to let us pilot the colors.

One drawback is that the communication between the Hudson build machine and your wifi rabbit is not direct (there is a reverse engineering open-source project to achieve this goal). The communication is intermediated by Violet, your rabbit great creator.

Please find the first version of the plugin below (I will propose it to be a part of the main plug-in list on or I will put source on sourceforge later):

An overview of the rabbit messages

Project free-style-job gets better ! Here is the status : back to normal
Project free-style-job gets better ! Here is the status : stable
Edit: Seams like the idea was in the air: Stephan developed the same plug-in, the same day. He invokes the "white rabbit" effect. But which plug-in is the One ? ;-) The first to be committed of course !